genuine ShellacWhenever a product becomes a runaway success you can guarantee that it will be imitated. CND Shellac is no exception. There is an alarming number of stores on the internet selling counterfeit Shellac and also a number of cheap nail salons passing off generic gel polish as Shellac, so how can you be sure you’re getting the real deal and not just a cheap Shellac copy?

What Is Shellac?

First things first, Shellac is a brand name and a registered trademark of CND. It is not a generic term used to describe a gel polish. If it doesn’t say CND on the bottle then it’s not Shellac. You simply wouldn’t believe how many nail techs and cheap nail salons are still passing off other other polishes as Shellac. Take a look around the salon, chances are there’ll be a number of other CND branded products on display along with some Shellac leaflets and even posters. If you can’t see any of this then you should be a bit suspicious.

CND UV LampA crucial part of the CND Shellac system is the UV lamp.  If you can’t see this lamp on the salon desk then I’d smell a rat. If you’re in doubt then you can always just ask the direct question, “are you using genuine CND Shellac?”

Another way to find out if a salon is an authorised CND Shellac salon is to visit the Love CND website. CND Shellac is only sold to the nail trade in the UK through Sweet Squared and through a number of Creative Academies. Any nail tech or salon who purchases through these channels are entered onto a database and can be searched by postcode on the Love CND website.

Shellac Nail Salon St Helens

If you take a look, you’ll find me on there as a registered CND Shellac salon in St Helens. This is your guarantee that you’re getting genuine Shellac applied by a CND qualified nail technician. So, now that’s out of the way, have you decided what Shellac colour you’re having on your next visit?


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