Are Gel Nails Weaker Than Acrylic?

When gel nails were first introduced some years ago, there were a number of nail techs who, through trial and error experienced a few service breakdowns, the product was new and everyone wanted in on the action, sometimes without proper education. Some of you may have tried gel nails in the past only to be disappointed. 99% of gel nail failures were due to incorrect application rather than the gel. A gel nail system needs to be applied correctly, it also needs the correct UV lamp to cure it.

gel nails in St Helens

A few years on and most nail techs who were keen to offer gel nails as a service have now undertaken training from the manufacturers, they will have the correct UV lamp and so gel nails if anything are now better than acrylics. Acrylic nails rely on the nail technician getting the mix ratio of liquid and powder correct each time, too dry and the nail will fail. Gel is one part, it doesn’t need mixing, gel cures with UV light and so the material is consistent every time.

Gel nails are equally as strong as acrylics, if anything they are more resistant to breakage as they are more flexible.