One of the most common types of nail enhancements that I get asked for are acrylic nails. This is largely due to the fact that acrylic nails seem to have been around forever. Known more recently as liquid and powder, acrylic nail extensions have always seemed to have the edge as they were traditionally cheaper and stronger than gel nails and so most people have chosen them from day one and have never strayed since.

Technology has moved on and now both types of nail enhancements have their pros and cons. You can read about gel nails here but for now we’ll talk about acrylics.

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Are Acrylic Nails For Me?

Acrylic enhancements are hard wearing, they can be added to the natural nail as an overlay, To add length, acrylic can be sculpted or tips can be used and blended to your natural nail.  Acrylic is best suited to healthy natural nails or pliable nails. For brittle nails, gel enhancements are recommended instead.

Can Acrylic Nail Extensions Damage My Nails?

There is a misconception that acrylic extensions can damage the natural nail. This technically isn’t true, it is incorrect preparation and/or removal that causes damage, not the acrylic. Acrylic enhancements do require some buffing of the natural nail before applying, I always perform this by hand, you may have seen some electric buffers/polishers used in the town centre nail bars, these should only be used to remove the initial layer of acrylic as these can cause extreme damage to the nail plate and in some cases the nail bed. Poor cleansing and preparation can also cause fungus and infection and incorrect removal of the enhancement can cause much more serious damage.

It’s always advisable to have your enhancements removed professionally. MMA (methyl methacrylate ) is a component that was once used in acrylic nails. It is now banned in the UK but it is believed that it is still used in some less ethical salons as it is considerably cheaper than EMA. MMA, unlike EMA sets so hard that removal often meant extreme filing that inevitably causes trauma and damage to the natural nail.


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