So you’re a biter?  You sit nibbling away, you get scorned for it. Your poor nails embarrass you but you can’t stop. I have a solution. Nail Biting St Helens

Over the course of 8 weeks I’ll give you 4 salon sessions at the end of which we will have hopefully broken your habit of biting your nails and after which time you will have grown your own lovely nails and will be treated to a full manicure and Shellac treatment with nail art. Biters nails normally grow quickly as they are constantly being stimulated and this encourages growth. We can replace that stimulation with daily solar oil treatment to continue to encourage nail growth.

Depending on the condition of your nails and the extent of the biting we can do several things.

Your First Visit

I’ll give your nails a real treat, a full manicure and conditioning. At this point we’ll discuss your options which will be one of the following dependant on the extent of the biting:

  • An application of CND Brisa smoothing gel to smooth the nails and to add strength and protection. Over the top of this I’ll then apply a Shellac Nail Polish or Gel II™ in a colour of your choice. I’d recommend a bold colour to help give you a signal as your nail heads towards your mouth.
  • A saddled tip added to what is left of your nails, these wouldn’t be too long, if you’re not used to having normal length nails then we’ll start you off at a sensible length. This will give your nails a dramatically different appearance straight away, looking more like natural nails rather than extensions.

I’ll give you instructions and some solar oil that you’ll apply twice daily to nourish your natural nails and encourage growth.

Your Second Visit

We’ll remove your gel polish, perform a basic manicure and reapply Shellac or Gel II in a colour of your choice, If necessary we’ll rebalance your tips (if we’ve applied them) and we’ll look at how your nails are doing and decide what we are doing for the next appointment. I’ll give you some more solar oil.

Your Third Visit

If you’ve had a tip on for the past two visits then we’ll take it off, you’ll have a manicure and another Shellac or Gel II service in a colour of your choice. This is the crucial week. Your natural nails will now look much more elegant. This is the final hurdle, you’ve come this far and you can already see the benefits. If you can get over the next two weeks you’ll graduate from rehab!

Your Final Visit

You’ve made it! Today we’re having a manicure and you can choose a Shellac or Gel II application and nail art of your choice to celebrate! Rockstar, Holographic, Foil, Konads or hand painted. You choose, it’s your day! You’ll have nails to be proud of and you’ll have broken your habit.

What you need to do

Solar Oil TreatmentSTICK TO IT! COMMIT! – You’re paying for this service and it’s non refundable. That at least shows commitment. You’ll be wearing Shellac or Gel II gel polish and possibly a small enhancement so you can’t accidentally bite. If you do bite your treatment then you risk damaging your nails and that would just be silly wouldn’t it? I’ll give you handy sized bottles of solar oil that you can carry in your pocket / purse etc. All you need to do is to apply it twice daily. You’ll enjoy it, the habit of biting and harming your nails will be replaced with you rubbing solar oil into you nails and cuticles to condition and feed. All the time looking forward to your next treatment and having lovely natural nails.

The cost of this rehab is £100 which represents superb value, it is payable before the treatment begins.