Sometimes ten fingernails aren’t enough! CND have been busy developing some of the best Shellac colours to date. Zen Beauty is proud to present to you:

Spring 2014 Shellac – Open Road Collection

We’ve already had the introduction of the Shellac Open Road Collection. This added 6 superb colours for Spring 2014 the range was  inspired by an open top drive through the American mid west and included great pastel shades including:

  • Shellac St Helens Spring CollectionPowder My Nose
  • Sun Bleached
  • Desert Poppy
  • Clay Canyon
  • Mint Convertible
  • Sage Scarf

Along side this fresh range of colours is a matching set of additives including Desert Chameleon, Copper Mine, Amethyst Flash, Emerald Mirage and Denim Geode giving even more colour options to bling those fingers this Spring.

Summer 2014 Shellac – Paradise Collection

Hot on the heels of the Spring collection comes colours ready for Summer, The Paradise Collection is a bold and vibrant collection comprising of six new shades inspired by a tropical paradise:

  • Shellac St Helens - Shellac 2014 Summer CollectionBicycle Yellow
  • Electric Orange
  • Sultry Sunset
  • Lush Tropics
  • Cerulean Sea
  • Tango Passion

In addition to these truly dazzling new colours are a complimentary range of additives for those who want to be really daring! These include Sizzling Sand, Tropic Sunrise, Island Heat, Pink Lotus and Midnight Tide.

Shellac St Helens

The Open Road Collection is already in stock in my salon. The Paradise Collection will be here from February 12th.

I’m a CND Master Artist working from my fully equipped home nail salon in St Helens. I’m open late 5 nights per week and all day Saturday. Book early!

Julie x

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